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Convenient Commercial Cleaning in Ottawa

If you are a owner who has to deal with a messy disaster or mess in your building or house left by former tenants or run a large commercial space with high traffic, we can help clean your space effectively and efficiently. Yes Building Cleaning Services offers commercial cleaning in Ottawa for clients that require it. We offer various cleaning services, from cleaning debris from empty houses and lots to cleaning out hoarder’s accumulated junk. For commercial business owners, we offer complete building maintenance services which include thorough cleaning of the stairs, lobby, elevators and all common areas as well as sweeping and junk disposal.

We offer annual steam cleaning services and use walk-behind floor machines as a more efficient system to clean large areas. Our more specialized services include laundry, preparation for pest control and floor waxing and stripping. Contact us for a thorough cleaning of your property today.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Our professional commercial janitorial services include:

Pressure washing and steam cleaning

Laundry services including washing and folding clothes

Licensed pest extermination

Flood and fire damage-related cleaning

​ Certified biohazard cleanup (needle, blood, urine and feces disposal)

Carpet and upholstery cleaning

Hard floor cleaning, stripping and waxing

Graffiti removal and wall cleaning

Special event cleaning services

Rubbish bagging and disposal

Commercial property cleaning

Cleaning and organizing for hoarders

Pre and post-construction cleaning

Disinfection and sterilization of surfaces and touchpoints

Packing and moving tenants with pest issues

Pest control preparation and cleanup

Our Equipment List

Here is a list of the cleaning equipment we own:

16 foot truck for garbage

10 large walk-behind floor scrubbers/floor machines

3 small floor scrubbers

3 large air movers

5 large carpet machines

1 small carpet machine for stairs

15 floor buffers

3 floor burnishers

2 large dehumidifiers

1 large air cleaner

10 large Henry barrel vacuum cleaners

1 bin mover

25 upright and barrel vacuums

5 ULV foggers

1 sealed vacuum cleaner for pests

50 bucket and wringer combinations (mops, brooms, dustpans, flat dollies)

5 office trollies

The Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services 

Keeping up with your commercial property's cleaning requires a great deal of time and effort. Let Yes Building Cleaners take that responsibility out of your hands. We provide services from daily building maintenance to a one-time big cleanup of floods, fires, abandoned apartments or debris removal. You can keep your property looking its best by leaving the hard work to us. The following are some of the benefits of commercial cleaning services:

  • Efficiency: Commercial cleaning companies like ours go the extra mile to ensure your property is clean and presentable. We make use of quality products and cutting-edge equipment for efficient cleaning that you can rely on. We can strip and wax your VCT flooring, provide carpet cleaning services as well as flood and fire damage-related cleaning.

  • Prevention of diseases: Work environments often demand employees to share a small and confined space. This increases the spread of diseases, which affect your health and productivity. Routine commercial cleaning can prevent the spread of these diseases by disinfecting shared spaces. 

  • Good impression: Not keeping up with cleaning can make your property appear unkempt and leaves a poor impression on your clients and visitors. Commercial cleaning services are essential and expected when you are welcoming guests. Making a good first impression is of the upmost importance.

Commercial cleaning services offer convenience, reliability, efficiency and much more. Would you like to make an appointment with us? Please contact our team for commercial cleaning in Ottawa. 

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Get Regular Cleaning Services

Keeping your commercial property clean can help create a positive perspective amongst potential clients.

24/7 Emergency Cleaning Services

We offer emergency services to clean properties after they have suffered rain, flooding, sewage, fire or smoke-related damage. Look to us to make your rental property or business establishment clean and livable again.

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