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Ottawa, Ontario

Bed Bug and Pest Control Preparation and Cleanup

As a property manager for apartments or single-family housing, you must deal with pest control for cockroaches and other vermin. Yes Cleaners gets you ready for the pest expert’s arrival and cleans up afterward. Yes specializes in preparations for bed bug eradication for commercial and residential properties in Ottawa and the suburbs. Our preparations include:


•  Laundry services

•  Vacuuming all surfaces

•  Moving furniture away from walls

•  Emptying drawers

•  Bagging all clothing and draperies


Bed Bug and Roach Extermination




New Construction and Fire / Flood / Sewage Cleanup

Yes Cleaners loves providing expert post-construction cleanup. We work with contractors at new residential and business sites. So after your new home, business or rental property is complete, contact Yes Cleaners before you move in. Our new construction services include but are not limited to:


•  Removing trash and debris

•  Removing stickers from windows, cabinets and appliances

•  Cleaning door frames, baseboards and window ledges

•  Cleaning floors

•  Cleaning windows


24/7 and 365 Emergency Cleaning for Sewage, Flooding and Fire

Are you overwhelmed by the unsanitary mess left in your basement after the flood of rain and sewer water has subsided? Does your home or business need cleaning from smoke, fire and water damage? Call Yes Cleaners 24/7 every day of the year for prompt emergency cleaning after sewage backups, flooding and fire. Consult Yes Cleaners for a free estimate on making your structures clean and livable again, including:


•  Rental properties

•  Private residences

•  Businesses and offices

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